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track my package NINA RICCI – Enchanted Fragrance with fruity and sweet notes

track my package NINA RICCI : NINA RICCI is a company established by Robert Ricci in 1932. NINA is the name of his mother who was an accomplished designer. It was in 1946 that the first NINA RICCI perfume, “Cœur de Joie,” was launched. Following that, the second perfume was introduced in 1948, which is the iconic “L’Air du Temps”.

The brand provides a world that assists women in flourishing and feeling their utmost selves. Moreover, it symbolizes women through emblems like the Three Graces, doves, apples, and blossoms. In 2020, it generated a revenue close to 8 million euros.

  • How to track my NINA RICCI order?
  • I would like to check the status of my NINA RICCI package
  • What are the ways to track my NINA RICCI package?
  • How to reach out to NINA RICCI customer service?

How to monitor the delivery of my NINA RICCI package?

Are you eager to monitor the delivery of your packages and ascertain the delivery date of your order?? We can provide assistance 24/7 [independent service provision from the brand – Utilizing our service requires a package tracking number – An order number is insufficient]. Dial:

Interested in discovering the methods to track your order? To monitor the progress of your order, numerous options are at your disposal.

Initially, you can check the status of your package by logging into your customer account. To do so, you need to navigate to the “My Orders” section, and then click on the corresponding product.

Furthermore, you can also pinpoint your order on the carrier’s website. To review its status, input the tracking number in the designated field and verify the dispatch. It is important to note that your tracking number will be sent to your email inbox. For additional details, you’re also welcome to put in a request by contacting the brand’s customer service.

How to contact NINA RICCI customer service?

Do you have inquiries about its products? Need to file a complaint? The brand offers several channels to connect with its customer service. It is best to visit your nearest store or reseller.

To send a correspondence to the company, you can compose an email to its address: Remember to clearly explain your concern and provide evidence when necessary.

Currently, the brand does not offer a telephone number for immediate contact.

The brand’s headquarters reside in France; you may also send a letter to the following address:

Nina Ricci
39 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

Additionally, you have the opportunity to stay updated with the latest news or converse with the brand’s advisor through:





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