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Everything you need to learn about Smatch supermarkets

Get in touch with Smatch

Smatch is a Belgian supermarket chain that was founded in 1968 in Mouscron, Belgium. At that time, Smatch was a small independent store offering a limited range of products at reasonable prices. Over time, Smatch expanded and diversified its offerings to become a supermarket chain.

In the 1980s, Smatch launched new stores in other cities in Belgium. In the subsequent decades, Smatch continued its expansion in Belgium by opening new stores across the country.

In 2007, the French group Auchan acquired Smatch and merged the brand with its own network of Belgian supermarkets, resulting in the formation of a new supermarket chain called Simply Market.

In 2017, the Belgian retail group Colruyt acquired the Simply Market supermarket chain, which was rebranded as Smatch in 2019. Today, Smatch is a supermarket chain with over 100 stores in Belgium.

Items and services provided by Smatch

Smatch provides a wide selection of food products:  

  • Fresh produce.
  • Meat and poultry.
  • Seafood.
  • Dairy items.
  • Bakery and pastry items.
  • Beverages.
  • Sweets and frozen items.

Smatch also offers a range of non-food items, 

  • Household and kitchenware.
  • Pet care items.
  • Personal care and beauty items.
  • Baby products and leisure items.

Moreover, Smatch is recognized for its competitive prices and dedication to providing quality products at affordable prices. The chain regularly offers promotions, special deals, and discounts on a broad array of items.

Smatch currently operates over 100 stores across Belgium, ensuring excellent accessibility for its customers. The establishments are designed to provide a pleasant and convenient shopping experience.

Recently, Smatch also provides services such as home delivery and online ordering.

Different ways to reach out to Smatch

Available contact details for reaching out to Smatch

To aid customers in receiving a response to their queries, Smatch supermarkets offer numerous communication channels: 

Visit the Smatch website 

If you wish to access Smatch products, you can go to the retailer’s website. For more detailed information about the prices and characteristics of each offering, it is advised to directly visit

Contact Smatch customer support by telephone.

A phone call is the most efficient means of communication if you seek a prompt response. For any urgent inquiries, feel free to dial the company’s customer service number: 0800 99 124.

Correspondence with Smatch via email.

Some inquiries may be better handled via email. For detailed responses, it is recommended to contact the customer service through the email address

Engage with Smatch on social media.

Smatch also has a presence on social media. Feel free to follow their page to stay updated on their latest news. You may also leave a comment on one of their posts.

  • Facebook :
  • Instagram :

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