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All About the Gael Magazine

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Gael, a monthly Belgian women’s magazine, explores various areas such as fashion, beauty, health, wellness, culture, society, and daily life. Catering to a wide and diverse female audience, the magazine appeals to trend enthusiasts and explorers.

The magazine provides a range of content, including articles, themed dossiers, interviews, assessments, and recipes.

Articles: Crafted by journalists and specialists, they cover topics such as the latest fashion and beauty trends, health and wellness advice, cultural discoveries, portraits of inspiring women, with accompanying photos and illustrations.

Themed Dossiers: Delving into varied topics, these dossiers present a comprehensive view written in an accessible and informative manner.

Gael: an Up-to-date, Committed, and Accessible Women’s Magazine

Gael adopts a contemporary and dedicated tone, addressing various subjects in an informative and accessible fashion, devoid of jargon. The magazine also offers practical guidance and tangible exercises to enhance the lives of its readers.

Catering to a diverse female audience, the Gael magazine is particularly favored by women aged 25 to 45, while also capturing the attention of younger and older women.

Gael is distributed in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg, and can be found at newsstands, through subscription, and online.

Gael collaborates with esteemed partners, including fashion and beauty labels, organizations, institutions, and specialists. These partnerships enable the magazine to offer top-notch content and support causes that are dear to its heart.

In essence, Gael is an engrossing, contemporary, and varied magazine, providing quality content for a female audience passionate about trends and discoveries.

All Contact Information to Connect with Gael

All available details to contact Gael

You can reach Gael’s customer service through various means:

What is the contact number for Gael?

To get in touch with customer service via phone, dial 02 467 57 47. This will directly connect you with a representative of Gael’s customer service.

How to reach Gael through its website?

You also have the option to complete the web form available at the following link: By utilizing this form, you can submit your inquiries, questions, or concerns to Gael’s customer service.

What is the email address for Gael?

For any queries regarding subscriptions or subscription services, you can reach out to the team via the email address:

How to contact Gael via postal address?

For specific requests, you can send correspondence to Gael at the following postal address:

Meiboomlaan 33,

8800 Roeselare.

How to stay updated on this magazine’s news through social media?

Gael has a presence on social media. You can follow its accounts, comment on its posts, or send a direct message on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

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