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track my PRO ARMY package – Military equipment, police uniforms, security agents and SSIAP

track my PRO ARMY package: PRO ARMY is a family-owned enterprise established in France. The business specializes in the distribution of clothes and gear for security professionals and military personnel.

PRO ARMY offers sturdy products from various brands and in multiple sizes. The brand also provides a vast array of colors for its merchandise. Presently, it markets its products both online and in physical stores.

  • What should I do to track my package with PRO ARMY?
  • How can I reach out to PRO ARMY via telephone?
  • What options do I have for submitting a complaint to PRO ARMY?
  • How can I get in touch with PRO ARMY’s customer service consultants?

how to track my package and find out the delivery date of my order from PRO ARMY

If you wish to monitor the progress of your packages and determine the delivery date of your order, we can assist you around the clock, every day of the week [independent service of the brand – The use of our service requires a parcel tracking number – An order number is insufficient]. Dial:

To check the progress of your order, you can log in to your account at any moment.

Simply provide your details and go to the history of your orders.

After which, you will receive all the particulars regarding the real-time transit of your package.

contact PRO ARMY by telephone

To ask questions of PRO ARMY, you can make a phone call to engage with their customer support.

You can converse with a member of their customer support team by calling this number: 033 9 87 54 10 77.

To expedite the processing of your inquiry, be sure to provide your order number.

A dedicated advisor will take on the task of addressing your queries.

how to get in touch via email or form with PRO ARMY

You may also raise questions by sending an electronic mail to the brand.

To dispatch a message to the PRO ARMY customer service team, you can utilize their contact form.

A brand representative will undertake to respond to your concerns promptly.

how to write to PRO ARMY via postal mail

At times, it is necessary to send a letter or execute a return via postal mail following an issue. We advise you to mail a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Here is their mailing address:         

180 rue Colbert
59000 Lille

PRO ARMY is committed to addressing your inquiries as quickly as possible.

how to decline a PRO ARMY package

If you notice any irregularity with your package, you

Vous avez en tout temps la possibilité de refuser

Il conviendra ensuite de prendre contact avec le support client de l’enseigne et de décrire le souci rencontré.

Le support client de PRO ARMY peut être joint via ses multiples moyens de communication.

procédure pour retourner un article PRO ARMY

Afin de faire valoir votre droit de rétractation, un délai de 14 jours après la réception de vos articles est mis à votre disposition.

Il est nécessaire de renvoyer l’article dans son conditionnement initial et qu’il demeure en état impeccable.

Il est aussi impératif d’inclure une reproduction de la facture pour un traitement efficace.

Néanmoins, les coûts de renvoi seront à votre responsabilité.

procédure pour se faire rembourser une commande PRO ARMY

Une fois la réception des produits confirmée, la compagnie procédera au remboursement intégral du montant de votre achat.

Le remboursement s’effectuera dans un délai maximum de 14 jours suivant votre requête.

Il sera réalisé via la même méthode de règlement que vous avez utilisée pour l’achat initial.

De plus, il est possible de discuter avec un conseiller de la marque via leurs plateformes sur les médias sociaux :


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