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track my MILIBOO package – Explore our ambassador Stéphane Plaza’s furniture favorites.

track my Miliboo package: Miliboo is a designing and manufacturing company for furniture. The entity operates as a Simplified joint-stock company. Aline Buscemi and Guillaume Lachenal founded and initiated the company around the year 2005. This brand functions as a specialist website in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of contemporary furniture.

Currently, the firm is located in Chavanod, France. It concentrates on designing and publishing high-quality furniture. This should be easy to use on a daily basis and puts all its effort into innovation service. Miliboo offers a wide range of furniture with unique designs at the best prices.

Over 90% of the furniture pieces are in stock. To provide unforgettable experiences with the company, a dynamic team presents a constantly updated catalog. Before dispatching the furniture, Miliboo conducts professional quality checks to prevent any negative feedback. The site also offers after-sales service if necessary.

  • How can I track my Miliboo parcel’s transit?
  • How to contact Miliboo by phone?
  • I would like to track my Miliboo order, what should I do?
  • I want to get in touch with Miliboo’s customer service
  • Contact MILIBOO’s customer service by telephone

How to conduct order tracking on Miliboo?

You wish to monitor the transit of your parcels and find out when your order will be delivered?? we can assist you 24/7 [independent service from the brand – To use our service, you need a parcel tracking number – An order number is not sufficient]. Dial:

Firstly, as a customer, you are entitled to opt for placing your order online. Simply do it through Miliboo’s website: Consequently, your order will be confirmed and acknowledged once the payment is authorized by the company’s management. Hence, a confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours following your order.

A carrier will be responsible for dispatching your order. The shipping rates vary based on the delivery locations and the size of your cargo. Free delivery is only applicable for ground floor shipments. Dispatching is carried out by France Express, Geodis, Heppner, C’est chez Vous, Trusk, or Chronopost services.

The website will send you an SMS or an email as soon as your package arrives at the commercial department. Your package will be kept for 14 days from its arrival at the premises. Same-day dispatch is possible for all orders placed before 3 pm, and for products in stock. In case of any issues upon receipt of your package: contact the commercial service.

Methods to Reach Miliboo Customer Support

Diverse channels are established for getting in touch with customer support. They are equipped to address your inquiries, ensure your satisfaction, or track your package. Make contact using telephone by dialing 08 05 14 44 44, which is a toll-free call. Should you encounter any issues or for further assistance, you are also able to send an electronic mail to This is the same number for reach out to their after-sales service.

The sales department stands ready to assist you from Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 7 pm, on Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm for live chatting. If you prefer a direct approach, visit the Miliboo premises at 17 Rue Mira, 74650 Chavanod, France. Establishing a personal Miliboo account can streamline your access to the company’s services through the « Create my account » feature.

Should you wish to use the « Contact Us » option, you are invited to complete an online contact form. Available as well are answers for frequently asked queries about the platform, or you can raise your own questions while browsing

Moreover, the Miliboo brand maintains a presence on social networking platforms for your convenience:







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