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monitor my KUSMI TEA package – a tea brand founded in 1867 in Saint Petersburg and registered by the Parisian company Orientis Gourmet

monitor my KUSMI TEA package: Kusmi Tea is a Russian-origin company. The corporation stands out from other companies as a brand of tea and infusion. The brand was founded by the Parisian company Orientis Gourmet around the year 1867 in Saint Petersburg. The company’s headquarters is located in Paris, France, since in 1917, it became a completely French brand.

Kusmi Tea specializes in the production of oriental tea. Currently, this company is an international leader in the world of tea and infusion. It has nearly 60 proprietary stores and about ten franchises in regions. It is structured as a Private Equity Company.

This brand focuses on e-commerce as well as retail sales. Kusmi Tea offers a wide variety of tea such as Russian tea blends, Indian tea blends, Chinese tea blends, and even more exotic blends with Madagascar tea blends or Ceylon teas.

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  • How do I track my order Kusmi Tea?
  • I would like to track my package Kusmi Tea, what should I do?
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  • How to contact Kusmi Tea by phone?

How can I check the status of my Kusmi Tea package?

Do you want to track the delivery of your packages and know the delivery date of your order?? we can assist you H24 and 7/7 [independent service provider of the brand – Using our service requires having a tracking number – An order number is not sufficient]. Dial:

The site offers easy and fast package delivery. You don’t need to travel, just place your order online on the site. Home delivery is offered by the company for purchases from 35 euros. For quick shipping, the company collaborates with transport sites such as DHL and Colissimo.

If you need more information about package delivery, you should visit this page: After your order has been taken into account, Kusmi Tea will send you a message: summary of your order and the arrival of your package. To track the delivery of your package, you must click on Order Tracking.

If you are not satisfied with the item you received, you have the right to withdraw. To do this, please fill out the withdrawal form. In case of any problem, please contact the customer service of the.

Contacter le service à la clientèle de Kusmi Tea :

Si vous souhaitez entrer en contact avec le service client de Kusmi Tea, voici différentes options qui s’offrent à vous :

Vous pouvez joindre le service clientèle de Kusmi Tea pendant les jours ouvrés. Vous avez la possibilité de communiquer directement avec un conseiller en composant ce numéro : 01 58 71 22 00. Les téléconseillers sont disponibles tous les jours ouvrés.

Une autre option est de communiquer avec le site par le biais d’un courriel. Pour cela, vous pouvez envoyer vos messages à cette adresse électronique : Si vous avez des interrogations ou si vous désirez consulter des réponses déjà fournies, veuillez consulter ce lien :

Si vous préférez être rappelé par le site, vous pouvez remplir le formulaire de contact en suivant ce lien : Si aucune de ces méthodes de contact ne vous convient, vous avez également la possibilité de contacter le site par voie postale. Envoyez votre courrier à l’adresse suivante :



32-34 Rue Marbeuf

75008 Paris


Enfin, si besoin, le site de Kusmi Tea est présent sur les réseaux sociaux :

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :

Pinterest :

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