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  • Need guidance on using the SHEIN app?
  • How to contact SHEIN support to report an issue with the app?
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The information shared on this page will help you get quick answers to these questions.

Downloading the SHEIN Application

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SHEIN is a Chinese brand specialized in the production and sale of trendy clothing. It offers a wide variety of affordable items for women, men, and children. All clothes are manufactured in China but the brand provides its services in over 150 countries worldwide. To be closer to customers, the brand has just opened a store in Belgium. To facilitate access to products, the company also has a mobile application. With this, customers can easily order an item from their smartphone. To download the application, go to the AppStore and Google Play and type « Shein-Women’s Fashion Private Sale » in the search bar. It is compatible with devices using the iOS and Android systems.

Ordering an Item via the SHEIN Application

To order an item, you need to log into the application. The product catalogs are easy to view. Moreover, all the items offered are categorized. There is a wide choice of models and sizes from SS to 4XL (52eu). If you are interested in a garment or accessory, just click on it and add the item to your cart. If you are not yet decided, you can search online by entering the type of product you are looking for.

Tracking an Order on the SHEIN Application

Log in to your customer account to track your order. Once logged in, click on the « My Orders » menu and you can access your purchase history and their status. Then click on « Details »: if your order has a « Shipped » status, click on « Track ». This way, you can get an overview of the progress of your package since its shipment. Alternatively, parcel tracking can also be done online on this page. The delivery time for orders largely depends on your country. In Belgium, there are many warehouses, notably in Tubize. Thus, it is possible to receive the package in a few days. Generally, the average delivery time varies between 2 days to 3 weeks.

Contacting the SHEIN Application: How to proceed?

Demandez des renseignements sur un produit, sollicitez des recommandations d’achat, formulez une réclamation, effectuez un retour, demandez un remboursement, signalez un souci avec l’application… Peu importe la raison de votre requête, il y a plusieurs façons de contacter le support de cette enseigne chinoise : Solliciter une aide en ligne En vous connectant à l’application, vous pourrez exploiter une variété de canaux de communication. En ligne, engagez une discussion avec un conseiller via le livechat. Ce service est opérationnel chaque jour de 09 h 00 à 22 h 00. En outre, vous avez également la possibilité de ouvrir un ticket d’assistance en ligne. Ce moyen vous permet de recevoir une réponse en moins de 24 h. SHEIN sur les médias sociaux Les plateformes sociales sont également des moyens de contact efficaces. Si vous avez des questions, veuillez envoyer un message privé sur : Twitter : : : : : :

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