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Below, we explain how this app works and how to contact its support service.

Understanding how the Coolblue app works

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Coolblue a Dutch e-commerce company. It has over 15 physical stores in Belgium and the Netherlands. To make it easy for customers to access the various products offered, the brand decided to launch its mobile app in Belgium. Now, all operations on the site can be done through the app: placing an order, secure payment, shipment tracking, viewing purchase history, and checking other customers’ reviews. The app is available on the App Store. A version for Android devices is currently being prepared. To enhance the customer experience, the developers offer regular updates.

Different ways to contact the Coolblue app support

Getting in touch with Coolblue

To get a quick response to their requests, the app users have access to various contact methods:

Contacting Coolblue support online

Before placing an order, customers are encouraged to create an online account. This will allow you to perform many operations without the need to contact the customer service. Additionally, you can also access the online help center. The information shared on this page will help you get a quick response.

Coolblue phone number

If you have an urgent request: payment issues with the app or others, it is recommended to contact the customer service by phone. From Monday to Friday from 8 am to 11:59 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 11:59 pm, you can get help by dialing 03 808 27 00.

Sending an email to Coolblue

If your request could not be handled over the phone or if you need to send a supporting file, you should choose another contact method. Indeed, the customer service of this brand also takes into account requests sent by email at

Coolblue on social media

To stay up to date with the latest updates of this app, subscribe to the company’s accounts on social media. The Community Manager is also available to answer any questions related to the app.

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