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Bierges-Walibi Station is a Belgian railway station part of the line 139 (Louvain-Ottignies). It is located in the Walloon region in the province of Brabant wallon. The station is situated 150 meters from the Walibi Belgium amusement park.

How to reach the customer service of Bierges-Walibi Station? How to reach the lost and found service of Bierges-Walibi Station?
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It was put into service in November 1899 and was originally called « Bierges-les-Wavre ». It has been known as Bierges-Walibi since 1993.

The address of the station is:

Bierges Walibi Station

Rue de la Wastinne

13001 Bierges

Bierges-Walibi Station has 2 tracks, 2 platforms, and an underground passage for crossing the tracks.

  • How to reach Bierges-Walibi Station?
  • How to reach the lost and found of Bierges-Walibi Station?
  • How to make a reservation?

How to contact the customer service of Bierges-Walibi Station?
  • Phone
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • Contact form

Bierges-Walibi Station is part of the SNCB network.

If you need help with schedules, services offered at the station, information on connections, your ticket…

The SNCB customer service is available for all your information requests via a contact form, Messenger, phone at:

+32 (0)2 528 28 28

Monday to Sunday from 7am to 9.30pm.

Or via WhatsApp at:

+32 (0)4 92 88 00 00

Weekends from 7am to 9.30pm and Monday to Friday from 6am to 9.30pm.

For sending postal mail, the address of SNCB is:

SNCB Marketing & Sales

Customer Service


Avenue de la Porte de Hal 40

1060 Brussels

How to contact the lost and found service of Bierges-Walibi Station?

If you recently visited Bierges-Walibi Station and lost an item,

You can contact the lost and found service via a contact form.

With this form, you will make a declaration of loss, you will have to provide the category, color, and add additional information or a photo.

Upon sending the contact form, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging your request.

The lost and found service will send you an email once your item is found.

You will then have 7 days to retrieve it at the station where it is located free of charge.

The station where your item is locatedIs it far from your location or can you not go there?

Upon receiving the email informing you that your item has been found, you can request within 7 days for your package to be made available at the station of your choice.

In this case, a fee of 5€ will be charged.

After the 7-day availability period, if you have not retrieved your item, it will be sent back to the deposit station for 50 days. Beyond this period, it will no longer be possible for you to retrieve it and it will be donated to an association: The « Petits riens » association.

How to book a train at Bierges-Walibi Station?

If you are planning to reserve your ticket and need to take a train from Bierges-Walibi Station,

SNCB vending machines are available at Bierges-Walibi Station for ticket purchase.

You can also directly purchase your tickets on the SNCB website.

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