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CORONA DIRECT was established in 1974 and was the first direct insurer in Belgium. CORONA DIRECT was also the pioneer in implementing pay-as-you-drive car insurance and in 2008 it introduced pet insurance.

The company has over 200 employees and offers car, motorcycle, home, pet, family, and funeral insurances.

  • Contacting the CORONA DIRECT customer service?
  • Getting insurance with CORONA DIRECT?
  • Cancelling your CORONA DIRECT insurance?
  • How to reach the assistance service at CORONA DIRECT?

How to reach the CORONA DIRECT customer service?
  • Contact form
  • Telephone
  • Live chat
  • Email

Are you interested in a new insurance contract or are you an existing CORONA DIRECT customer in need of more information?

The CORONA DIRECT customer service is available to address all your inquiries about getting a quote, questions about your policy, information on cancellation, via live chat, email, contact form, or phone at:

02 244 23 23

Do you need to send mail to CORONA DIRECT? The contact address is:

Corona S.A

Place Charles Rogier 11

1210 Brussels

How to get insurance with CORONA DIRECT?

Do you want to subscribe to one of the insurances offered by CORONA DIRECT?

You can subscribe:

  • Online: by choosing the desired insurance and requesting a non-binding quote. If the quote suits you, you can proceed with the subscription.
  • By phone at 02 244 23 23

How to cancel your CORONA DIRECT insurance?

Are you a CORONA DIRECT customer and want to terminate your policy?

To submit your cancellation request, it should be communicated to CORONA DIRECT by:

  • Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
  • Bailiff’s writ.
  • Hand-delivery with receipt.

How to contact the assistance service at CORONA DIRECT?

Are you a CORONA DIRECT customer? Do you need to contact the assistance service to report a claim? Do so via contact form

Your claim is related to your insurance:

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Home
  • Family

Do you need urgent assistance in case of breakdown or accident? Feel free to contact the CORONA DIRECT customer support by phone at:

02 244 23 23

Do you need to claim expenses related to your dog, funerals, or hospitalization? You can do so via contact form:

  • Dog
  • Funerals
  • Hospitalization

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