Comment joindre un magasin Darty en Belgique ?

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  • How to get in touch with a Darty store in Belgium to track the delivery of your packages after an online purchase?
  • Do you want to contact Darty to request a refund?
  • How to contact Darty to track a repair with Darty’s after-sales service?

On this page, you will find all the necessary information to get in touch with a Darty store in Belgium.

Everything you need to know about Darty in Belgium

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Darty, a renowned brand in Belgium, specializes in the sale of household appliances, electronics, and multimedia products.

Established in Belgium since 1979, Darty is currently the second largest chain of household appliance stores in the country, with 28 outlets in 10 cities.

In 2016, Darty was acquired by the Fnac group, forming the Fnac Darty group.

Discover the different services and products offered by Darty in Belgium

The range of products at Darty is extensive, including household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, as well as electronic devices like televisions, computers, and smartphones, among others.

In addition to product sales, Darty offers a range of services including home delivery, installation, and commissioning of appliances, as well as extended warranties for certain items.

Furthermore, customers can benefit from services such as free home delivery, fee-free in-store pickups, and extended warranties for their purchases.

The prices at Darty are generally in line with those of other household appliance store chains in Belgium.

Darty focuses on customer satisfaction and offers a responsive customer service to answer questions, address complaints, and provide purchasing advice.

Finally, Darty regularly organizes promotional events, sales, and special offers to provide additional benefits to its customers.

The various ways to get in touch with Darty in Belgium:

Get in touch with Darty in Belgium

The Darty customer service is known for its reliability, ensuring consumer satisfaction. At the heart of this satisfaction lies exceptional communication between Darty and its clientele. If you are looking to contact the after-sales service of Darty for information about a purchase or to file a complaint, continue reading.

What is the phone number for Darty’s customer service?

If you need a quick response, a phone call is the preferred means of contact. For any urgent requests, you can reach the company’s commercial support by dialing 0892 01 10 10.

How to get in touch with Darty in Belgium via their website?

For requests requiring a more detailed response, it is preferable to contact customer service via the form available on their website The form allows you to submit a written request, facilitating the communication of all necessary information.

How to contact Darty in Belgium by email?

If it’s a more complex request such as a complaint, it is recommended to proceed via email. Feel free to send your email to the following address:

How to follow Darty’s news on social media?

Lastly, know that Darty stores in Belgium are at your disposal through social media. Why not leave a comment on one of their posts? Or if you prefer to maintain privacy, send a private message on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

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