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Below are all the essential contact details to get in touch with Slots Décoration, whether it’s via telephone, online, or through postal mail.

Introduction to Slots Décoration

Get in touch with Slots Décoration

Located in Espierres-Helchin, Belgium, Slots Décoration is a store specializing in interior decoration. It has been operational for more than 20 years and focuses on the trade of furniture, lighting, decorative items, and fabrics.

Established in 1998 by Michel Slots, a Belgian entrepreneur, Slots Décoration commenced its activities with a single outlet in Espierres-Helchin. Over the years, it has broadened its network of stores and currently manages 2 branches in Belgium.

Discover the options and services provided by Slots Décoration

Offering an extensive range of furniture, lighting, decorative items, and fabrics for every part of the home, Slots Décoration collaborates with a diverse array of suppliers, enabling it to provide a wide selection of products at competitive prices.

Customers at Slots Décoration can benefit from in-store guidance from an advisor in finding products that meet their requirements. On the website of Slots Décoration, customers can utilize the search engine to find the products they need.

Once the order is placed, it is delivered to the customer’s residence by a carrier.

Various Ways to Reach Slots Décoration Customer Service

Available contact information for reaching out to Slots Décoration

There are multiple methods to contact Slots Décoration’s customer service.

What is the telephone number to reach Slots Décoration’s customer service?

If you have inquiries regarding your order, you can connect with a member of the customer service team by dialing +32 56 46 11 70. They are available to assist you from 8 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday, as well as from 8 am to 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday, providing extended support hours to discuss your order with an informed representative.

How to contact the store’s customer support through the website?

Another alternative is to reach the customer service online by visiting the official website of the company at URL and navigating to the « Contact » section. There, you will find a contact form to fill out with all the necessary information. Once the form is completed, you simply need to submit it to the appropriate department to obtain personalized assistance.

Initiating communication with Slots Décoration via email: what are the steps to follow?

For those who prefer email communication, you can also reach Slots Décoration by sending your message to the following address: Ensure to include all the relevant information in your email to receive an effective response from Slots Décoration.

How to keep up with the store’s updates on social media?

If you prefer using social media to connect with Slots Décoration, you can find them on various platforms. These channels provide a direct method to ask questions or share concerns, and companies generally actively monitor their social media accounts to respond to customer messages in a reasonable timeframe.

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