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Profile of Libelle 

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Libelle, the Belgian weekly women’s magazine published by Mediahuis, stands as the highest-selling women’s periodical in Belgium, with an excess of 150,000 copies sold weekly.

Originally established in 1932 under the name De Libelle by the Dutch group VNU, the magazine amended its name to Libelle in 1961. It has progressively gained popularity over the years, evolving into Belgium’s leading women’s magazine before being procured by Mediahuis in 2007.

Libelle covers various topics encompassing fashion, beauty, health, family, cooking, decor, and amusement. It incorporates reports, interviews, and columns.

In the field of fashion and beauty, the magazine dispenses guidance for women of all ages, offering the latest fashion trends, makeup and skincare pointers, in addition to interviews with influential figures in the industry.

Libelle: a comprehensive handbook for the well-being, family, cooking, decor, and entertainment of Belgian women

Regarding health, Libelle supplies comprehensive information on women’s well-being, embracing facets such as diet, exercise, mental health, and disease prevention.

The family section deals with subjects pertaining to family life, including child-rearing, parenting, family relationships, and practical counsel.

The culinary section presents varied recipes, gastronomic advice, and interviews with renowned chefs.

Libelle does not neglect the aspect of decor, proffering advice for enhancing the home, both indoors and outdoors, encompassing suggestions for the garden as well.

In terms of amusement, the magazine features articles on the latest trends in music, cinema, television, and literature.

Catering to Belgian women aged 25 to 55, Libelle stands out for its affirmative and optimistic tone, in addition to its informative and entertaining content.

The magazine holds a significant place in Belgian society as a vital platform for women, contributing to shaping their viewpoints and principles.

All the details for connecting with Libelle 

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Here are the various approaches to reaching out to Libelle :

How to reach out to Libelle via a website ?

You can explore the official website of the Libelle newspaperWhen you visit the following website :, you will find additional information, online articles, and contact forms.

How to convey a message to the Libelle magazine via email ?

You also have the option to send your queries, remarks, or specific requests via email to the following address:

How to contact Libelle via phone ?

If you prefer to converse with a representative directly, you can dial the following phone number: 02-467 57 27. You will be directed to a reception service that will allow you to select the option based on your inquiry.

Sending a letter to the Libelle magazine: what is the postal address ?

If you opt for postal mail, you can send your correspondence to the following address :

NV Roularta Media Group

Raketstraat 50 bus 2, 1130 Brussel,

How to keep up with the news of the Libelle magazine on social media ?

The Libelle magazine is also active on various social media platforms, offering you the opportunity to contact them or send them messages via these platforms.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

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