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The customer service of Open iT will be capable of addressing your queries and directing you towards the appropriate solution based on your requirements and circumstances. Consequently, you are able to contact Open iT’s customer service to discuss the available services and solutions.

Overview of Open iT company

Getting in touch with Open iT

Open IT is a Belgian organization that offers IT solutions for businesses. With its establishment in 2002, it has accumulated significant proficiency in the domains of virtualization, security, data management, and IT infrastructures.

Open iT provides a diverse array of services and solutions to aid businesses in optimizing their IT infrastructure and enhancing their operational efficiency. The principal solutions provided by the company include:

Services and products extended by Open iT

Virtualization: Open iT presents server and desktop virtualization solutions to decrease expenses and streamline IT infrastructure management.

Security: Open iT furnishes IT security solutions to shield businesses against attacks, malware, and cybercriminals.

Data management: Open iT delivers solutions for data management, backups, and data retrieval in the event of failure or disaster.

IT infrastructures: Open iT presents infrastructure solutions to cater to businesses’ requirements for storage, networking, cloud, and data centers.

Open iT collaborates with leading partners such as VMware, Microsoft, HPE, Dell, Cisco, Veeam, and countless others to offer comprehensive solutions to its clientele. The company currently serves over 250 clients in Belgium.

Various communication channels to approach Open iT’s customer service

Available contact details for getting in touch with Open iT

To reach out to Open iT’s customer service in Belgium, you can utilize the following contact methods:

Connecting with Open iT via phone:

You can contact the customer service in Belgium at the following phone numbers: +32 (0) 2 888 88 88 and +32 81 30 32 98. The operational hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

Dispatching an email to Open iT customer service:

You can forward an email to the customer service at this address: The response time might fluctuate on the basis of the volume of requests.

Contacting the company through a contact form on their website:

You also have the option to employ the contact form accessible on the Open IT website Simply fill in the form with your particulars and message, then click « Send ».

Getting in touch with the company via mail:

If you opt to initiate contact with Open IT using mail, you can send a letter to this address: Open iT, Avenue du Port 86 C/202, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Through Open iT’s social media platforms:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

No matter which method of contact you choose, ensure to include all the requisite information for the customer service to effectively respond to your request.

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