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  • How can I get in touch with Centrakor Belgium to bring attention to a problem or irregularity?
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Here are all the details and ways to contact Centrakor Belgium.

Insights on Centrakor Belgium

Ways to contact Centrakor Belgium

Centrakor Belgium is a sequence of home embellishment and household gear stores, initiated in France in 1992. The organization currently holds over 450 outlets in France, Belgium, and Spain.

The formation of Centrakor Belgium was executed in 2004 by the French corporation Centrakor. The opening of its inaugural outlet took place in Tournai, Belgium.

Over time, Centrakor Belgium has undergone immediate advancement. Presently, the organization manifests more than 100 outlets nationwide.

Centrakor Belgium provides reasonable prices for its items, catering to diverse financial plans.

In Belgium, Centrakor boasts over 100 outlets, typically situated in shopping malls and commercial zones.

Exploring the products and services tendered by Centrakor Belgium

Centrakor presents an extensive array of furniture and decorative pieces to outfit and enhance all segments of the residence.

In addition, the label systematically launches fresh collections, enabling patrons to reside at the vanguard of trends.

The label furnishes a comprehensive array of commodities to equip the kitchen and set an amicable table. From tableware to kitchen utensils, clients will uncover all they require.

Centrakor offers a variety of household textiles, such as bedclothes, drapes, throw pillows, and much more, empowering patrons to establish an inviting and personalized atmosphere.

For the furnishing of outdoor spaces, Centrakor delivers a variety of gardening products, patio furniture, and accessories to thoroughly relish the open air.

The label offers a selection of commodities for artistic pastimes and leisure activities suitable for all age groups. This encompasses games, creative sets, and more.

Centrakor offers a range of items for garnishing festivities and distinctive occasions, from balloons to streamers, everything is accessible to create unforgettable moments.

In addition to merchandise, Centrakor often offers auxiliary amenities such as interior design guidance or decorating suggestions.

Full contact details to communicate with Centrakor Belgium’s customer service

Various ways to contact Centrakor Belgium

To assist clients in acquiring responses to their inquiries, Centrakor Belgium extends numerous communication channels.

How to reach Centrakor Belgium through a website?

Order tracking can be conveniently carried out directly on the group’s web portal at To check the status of your purchase, simply log into your customer account.

How to communicate with Centrakor Belgium via email?

To engage with Centrakor Belgium, you can dispatch an email to the address A response should reach you within thedans les plus brefs délais.

Comment contacter le service client de la compagnie par téléphone ?

Si vous souhaitez obtenir une réponse immédiate, l’appel téléphonique est le moyen de communication le plus efficace. Pour toute question urgente, n’hésitez pas à composer le 05 61 00 85 75 pour contacter le service commercial de l’entreprise.

Comment échanger avec Centrakor Belgique par courrier ?

Afin de contacter le service client de Centrakor Belgique, vous avez la possibilité d’envoyer vos correspondances par courrier à l’adresse suivante :


Espace Nord,

Rue Du Chemin De Fer 10,

6041 Charleroi,


Comment joindre le magasin via les réseaux sociaux ?

Si vous préférez utiliser les plateformes de médias sociaux, vous pouvez trouver Centrakor Belgique sur divers réseaux. Ces canaux vous offrent un moyen direct pour poser vos questions ou partager vos préoccupations. Généralement, les entreprises surveillent activement leurs comptes de médias sociaux et répondent aux messages des clients dans un délai raisonnable.

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