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On this article, you will find various details to reach out to Les Musée de l’Orfèvrerie Sterckshof in Deurne.

Presenting Les Musée de l’Orfèvrerie Sterckshof in Deurne

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Les Musée de l’Orfèvrerie Sterckshof is an art museum located in Deurne, Belgium. It is dedicated to goldsmithing and presents a collection of over 3,000 pieces, dating from the 16th century to the present day.

The Sterckshof castle, built in the 16th century by Gérard Sterck, a prosperous merchant from Antwerp, has undergone modifications and extensions over the centuries. It has served as a residence for various noble families.

In 1927, the province of Antwerp acquired the castle and chose to establish a museum dedicated to goldsmithing. The museum opened its doors in 1930.

The collection can be subdivided into several categories, including:

Religious objects: This section gathers goldsmithing pieces intended for religious purposes, such as chalices, ciboria, and crosses.

Domestic objects: Here you will find goldsmithing pieces designed for everyday use, such as cutlery, table services, and decorative elements.

Jewelry: This section contains jewelry made of gold, silver, and set with gemstones.

Artworks: This category encompasses goldsmithing pieces considered as artworks, such as sculptures and decorative objects.

Examples of remarkable collection items include a 16th-century silver chalice attributed to an Antwerp workshop, embellished with engraved motifs and gemstone cabochons.

Likewise, a pair of 17th-century silver candlesticks, created by the Antwerp master silversmith Paulus van Vianen, brilliantly illustrates Baroque goldsmithing with its floral and animal details.

An 18th-century silver tea set, designed by the English master silversmith Paul de Lamerie, represents Rococo goldsmithing, adorned with rocaille motifs.

The museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions showcasing goldsmithing, presenting works by world-renowned goldsmiths as well as those of emerging young talents.

All the details to get in touch with Les Musée de l’Orfèvrerie Sterckshof in Deurne:

All the available details to contact Les Musée de l'Orfèvrerie Sterckshof in Deurne

There are multiple ways to contact the authorities of Les Musée de l’Orfèvrerie Sterckshof in Deurne.

What is Les Musée de l’Orfèvrerie Sterckshof’s website?

First and foremost, we recommend checking the official website.From the Sterckshof Silver Museum at the following address: You will discover comprehensive details about the activities and festivities. Should the information you seek not be available on the site, do not hesitate to directly reach out to the authorities.

What is the telephone number to contact the customer service of the Sterckshof Silver Museum in Deurne?

In case of urgency or pressing inquiries, it is advisable to contact the customer service by phone. Please dial the following number: +32 3 360 52 50.

How can one reach the Sterckshof Silver Museum in Deurne by mail?

To ensure prompt handling of your registered mail, kindly send it to the following address:

Hooft Vanderlei 160,

2100 Antwerpen,


How to stay informed about the Museum’s updates on social media?

Social media also serve as an efficient means of communication. If you have any queries regarding the functioning of this site, feel free to send a private message via:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

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