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On this page, explore the various methods of communication to reach out to DreamLand Belgium.

All you need to know about DreamLand Belgium

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DreamLand is a chain of toy and leisure stores for children, established in Belgium for several decades.

Founded in 1962 by two brothers, Jean and Jacques Van der Velden, DreamLand opened its first store in Antwerp, Belgium, and gradually expanded its business over the years.

Today, DreamLand is present in various countries, including France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Currently, DreamLand has over 100 stores in Belgium, located in several cities and villages. The stores are typically large, ranging from 500 m² to 2,000 m², and offer a wide selection of products.

Exploring the products and services offered by DreamLand Belgium

DreamLand offers a wide variety of products for children, from traditional toys such as dolls, cars, and construction games, to more contemporary products such as game consoles, tablets, drones, and robots.

The store chain focuses primarily on educational and developmental toys, encouraging children to learn through play.

DreamLand sells products under different brands, such as Lego, Playmobil, Barbie, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Nerf, Transformers, etc. The store chain also offers licensed products, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jurassic World, etc.

In addition to product sales, DreamLand also offers services such as gift personalization, toy battery charging, setting up demonstration stands for new products, etc.

The stores also have a demand management system to allow customers to reserve products online and pick them up at the nearest store.

The stores also offer free activities during school holidays, such as painting workshops, board games, concerts, etc.

DreamLand has an efficient distribution network, allowing the stores to receive regular deliveries of fresh products and maintain a varied and up-to-date assortment.

The store chain also works with distributors and resellers to ensure a wide selection of products and good availability.

All the contact information to get in touch with the customer service of DreamLand Belgium

Coordonnées pour rejoindre DreamLand Belgique

Il existe diverses méthodes pour entrer en contact avec DreamLand Belgique.

Comment puis-je contacter le support client de DreamLand Belgique via un site web ?

Pour suivre l’avancement de votre demande, veuillez vous rendre sur puis accéder à la rubrique « Vos commandes » et localiser la commande concernée. Ensuite, choisissez l’option « Problème avec la commande. »

Quel est le numéro de téléphone pour rejoindre DreamLand Belgique ?

Vous pouvez composer ce numéro +32 69 21 68 41 pour obtenir de l’aide en cas de problèmes avec votre commande ou pour poser des questions sur les produits proposés par DreamLand Belgique.

Comment puis-je entrer en contact avec le support client de DreamLand Belgique par e-mail ?

Pour contacter le support client de DreamLand Belgique, vous pouvez utiliser l’option « Nous Contacter » sur leur site web ou envoyer un e-mail à leur adresse e-mail dédiée, Assurez-vous de fournir toutes les informations pertinentes, y compris le numéro de commande et les détails de votre problème, afin d’aider le support client de DreamLand Belgique à résoudre rapidement votre problème.

Comment puis-je contacter DreamLand Belgique via les médias sociaux ?

DreamLand Belgique est active sur plusieurs plateformes de médias sociaux. Leur équipe du service client répond généralement rapidement.

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  • Instagram
  • YouTube

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