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Presentation of Comics Station Antwerp – Anvers

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The covered amusement park, Comics Station Antwerp, located in the central station of Antwerp, Belgium, opened its doors on October 28, 2022. It is dedicated to Belgian comic strips.

It spans 6,000 square meters and is divided into six thematic zones, each dedicated to a Belgian comic strip character or series:

In the zone Fanny & Co, young children are offered developmental games and playful activities. They can have fun in an inflatable castle, a slide, a water play area and an indoor play space. They can also discover the characters from Fanny & Co, a popular comic strip for children.

Inspired by the eponymous comic strip, the Bob and Bobette zone offers a giant slide, a maze, and a laser game. Visitors can take a ride in a time machine to discover ancient Egypt, the space future, or the American West. They can also have fun in a maze and a laser game.

Facilities and Services Offered by Comics Station Antwerp – Anvers

The Urbanus zone is dedicated to the Belgian comedian Urbanus, known for his absurd and offbeat humor. Visitors can take a ride on a carousel, attend an interactive show, and discover the city of Paerdam, a quirky and absurd city where anything is possible.

Inspired by the eponymous comic strip, the Gil & Jo zone offers an escape game, mini-golf, and a laser tag course. Visitors can participate in an escape game, play mini-golf, or compete in a laser tag course.

Inspired by the western universe of the eponymous comic strip, the Lucky Luke zone offers a ghost train ride, a visit to a saloon, and a shooting game.

Inspired by the eponymous comic strip, the Smurfs zone offers a visit to the Smurf village, obstacle courses, and a magical potion laboratory.

The park offers more than 60 different activities, suitable for all ages. These activities are interactive and immersive, and often make use of cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality.

All the details to contact Comics Station Antwerp – Anvers

All available details to contact Comics Station Antwerp - Anvers

There are several ways to get in touch with the management of Comics Station Antwerp – Anvers.

Quel est l’URL du site Internet du parc ?

Prioritairement, nous vous suggérons de consulter le site officiel du parc à cette adresse : Vous y trouverez des renseignements détaillés sur les activités et les festivités. Si toutefois vous ne trouvez pas la réponse à votre question sur le site, veuillez vous adresser directement aux responsables.

Comment entrer en contact avec le service client du Comics Station Antwerp – Anvers par courrier ?

En prenant contact directement avec le service client, vous obtiendrez une réponse personnalisée à votre demande. Pour faciliter la communication avec les clients, voici l’adresse postale pour correspondre avec le Comics Station Antwerp – Anvers.

Rue des Francs 79, 1040 Bruxelles

Quel est le numéro de téléphone pour contacter le Comics Station Antwerp – Anvers ?

Pour toute urgence, il est recommandé de contacter le service client par téléphone. Pour ce faire, veuillez composer le numéro suivant : +32 (0)2 744 44 66.

Comment suivre les nouveautés du parc sur les réseaux sociaux ?

Les réseaux sociaux constituent aussi un moyen de communication efficace. Si vous avez une interrogation concernant le fonctionnement de ce site, n’hésitez pas à envoyer un message privé sur les plateformes suivantes : 

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