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Luminus is the electricity and gas provider in Belgium, established in 1978 and currently a subsidiary of the EDF group. If you encounter an issue with Luminus and need to reach their customer service, find here all the ways to contact them.  

How to reach Luminus customer service by phone from Belgium? 

Luminus has multiple phone numbers you can call depending on the nature of your issue.  

The head office phone number is: 02 229 19 50

To reach the customer service for inquiries or problems, you can dial 078 155 100 available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. Have your documents such as your contract ready when calling to easily provide the customer service advisor with the necessary information.  

To check if you can subscribe to Luminus in your region, call 078/180 183 

How to contact Luminus customer service by email? 

Luminus does not explicitly provide an email address, but you can still send an email through their website.  

Go to the “Contact us” section, then click on “Send us an email”.  

You can then write your message to Luminus customer service by providing the necessary information regarding your contract and issue. You will receive a response to your email in the shortest delay. 

How to reach Luminus customer service online? 

You can also directly contact Luminus customer service via their website using an online chat available from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.  

You will find the online chat at the bottom right in the green tab on the website. Then click on « Start chat » when one of the customer service advisors is available, and write your message. 

How to contact Luminus customer service by mail from Belgium? 

Luminus only has one address at the head office where you can try to send your mail regarding your service issue:  


Boulevard Roi Albert II 7 

1210 Bruxelles 

When writing your letter, don’t forget to include your contact details to receive a response by postal mail. It is also advisable to send your mail with a receipt confirmation to ensure it is received at the right place.  

How to contact Luminus customer service via social media?  

Luminus is also available on social media where you can contact a customer service advisor:  

Contact Luminus on Facebook ; 

Contact Luminus on Twitter ; 

Contact Luminus on Linkedin

The provider has also created a blog where users can ask and answer questions among themselves, which can help you avoid contacting the customer service in case of an issue. 

How to file a complaint with Luminus? 

You can file a complaint against Luminus services if they have not met your expectations. To file a complaint or lodge a claim, please call a customer service advisor to be informed of the necessary steps to take.  

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you can contact the mediation service at the phone number 02/211 10 60 or by mail at the following address:  

Mediation Service for Energy 

Boulevard du Roi Albert II 8/box 6 

1000 Brussels 

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