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How to track my UPS Belgium package?

United Parcel Service Inc, commonly known by the initials UPS, was established in 1907. The firm specializes in logistics and parcel delivery. It is a significant player in the sector with over 20 million parcels and documents delivered each day. UPS entered the European market in 1996. Presently, the carrier operates not only in Belgium but in over 200 countries as well. For more details about its services, visit the website

How to proceed with your UPS Belgium package tracking?

. I wish to track my UPS Belgium package

. I want to learn the status of my UPS Belgium package

. How can I check the progress of my UPS Belgium package?

. How to get in touch with UPS Belgium’s customer service?

If you want to monitor the progress of your shipments and find out when your order will be delivered, we can offer assistance 24/7 [service is independent of the brand – Using our service requires a parcel tracking number – An order number alone is insufficient]. Dial:

Whether you are a recipient or sender, you can keep a tab on the transit of your package swiftly and effortlessly through the UPS Belgium website. To do this, proceed to the “tracking” section and click on “package tracking and history”. On the ensuing page, enter your tracking number and click “track”. Detailed information regarding your delivery will be displayed. If you encounter issues while tracking, please connect with UPS Belgium’s customer service.

How to engage with UPS Belgium’s customer service?

UPS Belgium provides various communication channels to get in touch with their customer service. You have the option to reach out via phone, email, live chat, snail mail, and social media platforms.

To speak to an advisor on the phone, dial 078 250 877. To contact technical support, call +32 (0) 22 56 66 19.

You can also communicate with an advisor by filling out the contact form on the UPS website. A customer care representative will return to you as promptly as possible with all the requested information.

To initiate a chat with an advisor, click here.

If you need to dispatch a document by postal service, mail a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address:

UPS Europe SRL / BV

Avenue Ariane 5

1200 Brussels


To stay updated with UPS Belgium news, log into social media and subscribe to their official accounts. It’s worth noting that you can request a consultant’s help by leaving a comment or sending a private message.




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