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track my OPTICAL DISCOUNT package – leverages its optician expertise to serve a discerning clientele

track my OPTICAL DISCOUNT package: OPTICAL DISCOUNT is a company that offers eyeglasses frames and optical lenses to everyone. Additionally, it is possible to obtain sunglasses, contact lenses, and more from them. Notably, they launched their first two branches in 1995. And in the early 2000s, they opened their inaugural store in Colombes.

Moreover, the brand already had close to 94 shops by 2014. It was in 2016 that the brand introduced its club card. And in 2017, it inaugurated its 170th store globally. Thus, it brings its optician expertise for the benefit of its customers. Hence, its goal is to provide the best of online optics to you. Additionally, you will easily find what you need thanks to its extensive selection of prescription glasses. Indeed, it has a wide array of frame options for men, women, and children.

  • How can I track my order from OPTICAL DISCOUNT?
  • I would like to learn more about the status of my OPTICAL DISCOUNT order
  • What means are available to track my package from OPTICAL DISCOUNT?
  • How do I reach out to OPTICAL DISCOUNT’s customer service?

How to track my package and find out my OPTICAL DISCOUNT order delivery date?

Want to follow the progress of your packages and determine the delivery date of your order? We can provide assistance 24/7 [independent service from the brand – Utilizing our service requires a package tracking number – An order number alone is insufficient]. Call:

To begin, be informed that you can monitor your products effortlessly. Moreover, following your order, the brand will send your package tracking information via email and SMS. Subsequently, this will allow you to track your package in real time through this link: Alternatively, you can also use your carrier’s site for this purpose.

However, if you opt for the store pickup, you will enjoy free shipping. And delivery will be made within 72 hours. Their consultants will be ready to welcome you cordially. The company will issue your refund against your signature and upon presenting your identity document.

How to contact OPTICAL DISCOUNT customer service by phone or email

Be aware that there are various ways to communicate with the brand and submit your inquiries. First off, you can already find some answers in their FAQ section.

Next, you can reach out to their customer service by phone at +32 2 646 45 75. Responsible agents will be available to respond Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

Additionally, it’s possible to send your message through their online contact form: Moreover, the brand can also be contacted via email at

To mail your correspondence, please address it to their headquarters in France:

11 rue d’Argenson
75008 PARIS

Follow OPTICAL DISCOUNT on social media:

Finally, you can connect with the brand across social networks:






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