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track my NRJ MOBILE package – a mobile network virtual operator, established in 2005 by the Mutual Credit Group-CIC

track my NRJ MOBILE package: NRJ MOBILE is a brand of Bouygues Telecom Business that was initiated in November 2005. It thus meets the majority of telephony needs. It is also a virtual mobile network operator.

Therefore, NRJ MOBILE offers non-binding packages and customization options of these. Moreover, it boasts a wide array of mobile phones. You have the choice among 160 models. The brand also pledges to enable you to retain your number and provides 4G network coverage. Additionally, you will find subsidized subscriptions for professionals. Notably, the franchise takes advantage of the infrastructure of the three other major providers. It is on November 2 that it put forth its inaugural offer with a lifetime-valid credit.

  • How to carry out NRJ MOBILE order tracking?
  • would like to keep tabs on the progress of my NRJ MOBILE package?
  • What are the ways to monitor my NRJ MOBILE package?
  • How can I get in touch with the NRJ MOBILE customer service?

How to monitor the progress of my NRJ MOBILE package?

Do you wish to monitor the progress of your parcels and ascertain the delivery date of your order? we are available 24/7 to assist you [a service independent of the brand – Utilizing our service requires having a parcel tracking number – An order number will not suffice]. Dial:

To monitor the progress of your order, you should access your personal account. You simply input your email address and your password. Subsequently, you merely click on the appropriate option.

Post-purchase, you should receive an order number that will allow you to track it online. This number can be sent to you via a message in your email inbox or as a text message. To streamline the process, you can input this number by visiting this page: It’s worth noting that the company will inform you once the courier is en route.

How to engage with NRJ MOBILE customer support?

Are you encountering issues with various services? Do you want to inquire more about the shipping of your parcel? Do not fret, the company offers multiple communication mediums to assist you.

It is feasible to drop a message using its online contact form. You just need to provide your contact details, select the topic of your inquiry and detail your problems. Alternatively, you can also utilize this email address:

Further, you can also dial this number to articulate your concern to one of its advisors: 02 513 28 08.

You may also send a postal mail to the company at this address:

Chaussée de Louvain 775/1
1140 Brussels

You also have the option to stay updated with its latest news on social networks and communicate with an advisor through:





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