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track my package NOZ – French generalist clearance store chain

track my package NOZ: The tale of the brand NOZ takes flight in 1976, at Laval, originally entitled “Le Soldeur” before transitioning to NOZ in 1992. It’s an adept in clearance sales. From the year 2000, it took over stores belonging to the Mondiamod group. Its specialty was selling textiles at economical prices. Subsequently, its expansion was primarily towards the east side of France. Following these developments, NOZ burgeoned from 50 to 100 stores nationwide.

For added context, by 2007 the establishment boasted 150 stores, which surged to 200 by 2013, and 264 circa 2015. Presently, the company is committed to inaugurating 20 to 30 new stores annually. In addition, NOZ is enhancing its logistical aspect to simplify batch processing. Moreover, around 2002, it boasted an additional 8 logistical platforms in Mayenne.

  • How do I go about tracking my NOZ order?
  • I want to ascertain the whereabouts of my NOZ package
  • What avenues are available to track my NOZ package?
  • How can I contact NOZ customer service?

How to follow the progress of my package with NOZ?

Are you eager to monitor the progress of your parcels and find out when your order will be delivered? we’re available 24/7 to assist [independent service from the brand – the use of our service requires a package tracking number – An order number is not enough]. Dial:

Firstly, it’s important to note that your delivery will occur via Click and Connect. Therefore, you need an account to shop on its website. Everything takes place within your client space. However, to complete your payment, you’ll need to visit one of their stores.

Indeed, overseeing the tracking of your order isn’t necessary since you will personally collect your purchases at their premises. This is more convenient and eliminates worries about your package’s status.

How to reach NOZ customer advisors?

The NOZ company has consultants ready to converse with you by phone. You can place a call at this number: 033 2 43 01 53 54. Afterwards, a customer representative will be pleased to assist you. Please note that they are available from Monday to Friday, 09h to 18h.

If you prefer to send an online message, you can use this link: There, you’ll find a contact form to fill out.

To find their stores near you, please visit this link:

In case you wish to write a letter and send it via mail, you may do so to the following address in France:

Campus NOZ
5 rue de Corbusson – ZA Le Châtelier 2
53940 Saint-Berthevin

NOZ is also accessible on social media platforms to respond and guide you:




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