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track my package FRANKONIA – German company specialized in the sale of sporting and hunting firearms as well as functional accessories and clothing.

track my package FRANKONIA: Frankonia is a French website specializing in the distribution of hunting and hiking gear. The company provides a variety of products to its clientele. It markets high-quality brand products. Frankonia delivers top-notch hunting accessories, outdoor gear, and more. Its foundation was proclaimed around the year 1908.

The brand Frankonia also offers some of the most advanced gear available. The online selection includes hunting rifles, shotguns, red dot sights, ammunition, hunting scopes, binoculars, and more. The enterprise has several stores and an online site. It collaborates with well-known brands.

To ensure the safety of hunting areas and the well-being of hunters, Frankonia sales only products that have undergone rigorous testing and quality control. The company strives to provide a multitude of premium items at reasonable prices. It also enables bulk purchasing. Behind Frankonia stands a team of 650 skilled and proficient employees.

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How to follow your Frankonia package?

Wish to monitor the transit of your parcels and find out the delivery date of your order? We’re here to assist you around the clock, every day of the week [independent service from the brand – Using our service requires a parcel tracking number – An order number is not sufficient]. Dial:

The company Frankonia manages the dispatch of packages in mainland France as well as the French overseas territories. It presents various delivery options depending on the size and nature of the product. You can view all the details concerning the shipment of your order via:

Following the confirmation of your payment, you will receive a confirmation via email. This message will include a tracking number and a link. These details will enable you to monitor the dispatch of your package.

The e-commerce platform of Frankonia features numerous contact methods to connect with customer service or a representative directly. A customer support agent will be available to respond if you require further information on handling and using the accessories. Should you have any inquiries, the store is prepared to offer assistance.

Instructions for Establishing Communication with Frankonia’s Customer Support

To get in touch with the Frankonia platform for any reason, you are able to make contact with a representative. Call the number 03 89 83 25 50 to place an order or inquire about an existing one without additional call charges. Note that this service can be reached on working days. Should you need to converse with the hunting and shooting service, dial: 0389834517.

Secondly, if you need to reach out to Frankonia’s workshop, the number provided for your use is: 0389832551. There is an option to communicate with the company via facsimile. Please make sure you send a fax to the number: 03 89 83 25 56.

Prefer to send an electronic message? This segment is designed specifically for you. For inquiries about a product: If submission of documents is your intent: For status on an order:, and for general queries:

An online customer support service is available too. You can access the contact form at the following hyperlink: If necessary, letters can be sent to the company’s headquarters located at: Nemrod Frankonia, 18 Rue du Château, 68190 Ensisheim, France.

The company also maintains various accounts and profiles across social media platforms:





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