Suivre mon colis EVE MATELAS – Profitez d’un Confort Luxueux avec Eve Sleep

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Track My EVE MATELAS Parcel – Indulge in Luxurious Comfort with Eve Sleep

The British company Eve Sleep plc manufactures Eve mattresses. The Eve mattress is elected as the best mattress in the world due to its quality. The company also offers other bedding products: mattress protectors, mattress toppers, pillows, duvets, sheets…Customers can easily place their orders on and benefit from home delivery service.

  • How to pursue my parcel Eve Mattress in Belgium?
  • How to check the status of my parcel Eve Mattress?
  • Can we know the exact delivery date of my parcel Eve Mattress in Belgium?
  • How to contact the customer service Eve Mattress in case of delivery issue of your parcel in Belgium?
  • How to track the shipment of my parcel Eve Mattress in Belgium?

Do you want to track the progress of your parcels and know the delivery date of your order? We can assist you 24/7 [independent service provision from the brand – Using our service requires having a parcel tracking number – An order number is not sufficient]. Call:

Have you just ordered an Eve mattress? To confirm your purchase, the staff will send you an email containing the tracking number of your parcel. From that moment on, you can track your parcel in Belgium. To do this, simply go to the « Track My Parcel » section. You can then search for your parcel either using the tracking number or using your email address:

  • Search by email: enter your email address and postal code, then validate by clicking « Search ».
  • Search by tracking number: enter the tracking number and validate the search by clicking « Search ».

If you encounter a problem, the Eve Mattress customer service is available to assist you.

Contacting the Eve Mattress customer service: contact details

Do you have a question regarding the delivery of your Eve Mattress order in Belgium? Many methods are available to contact the customer service.

If you want a quick response, a phone call is the most effective way to contact customer service. Simply dial the following number: 09 75 18 28 75. The online chat will also allow you to chat with a customer advisor and get a quick response. To access it, just go to this page.

Note that these services are available from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 9pm, Friday from 9am to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 1:30pm and from 2:40pm to 6:30pm.

Outside these opening hours, please send your request by email or by mail.

  • Addressemail :
  • Adresse postale : Eve Sleep France, 5 rue des Suisses, 75014 Paris, France

En examinant la section FAQ, vous pourrez également découvrir une réponse à votre question sans avoir à contacter le service client.

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