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Track my order CHASSEMARKET – Online armory specialized in hunting weapons

How can I track my CHASSEMARKET package?

Track my package CHASSEMARKET: Chassemarket is a company dealing in arms sales. Chassemarket’s business model is straightforward, offering an extensive selection of firearms for everyone passionate about hunting, sport shooting, and clay pigeon shooting. It stands as the largest online gun store in France regarding weapon choices.

Beyond that, the company also sells hunting apparel and various essential accessories for the activity. For firearm enthusiasts, the brand offers an array of weapons for both defense and hunting purposes.

For experts, Chassemarket presents a comprehensive selection of high-quality hunting rifles, hunting carbines, trap shooting shotguns, CO2 pistols, defensive firearms, air rifles, pellet guns, blank pistols, and many other items.

The latest products from Chassemarket are available on its official website:

How to perform a CHASSEMARKET package tracking?

If you wish to monitor the delivery of your parcels and ascertain the delivery date of your order, we can assist you 24/7 [service independent of the brand – Utilizing our service requires a package tracking number – An order number alone is insufficient]. Dial:

Dispatch of products in stock occurs within 24 to 72 hours and 5 to 15 days for orders involving out-of-stock items.

The withdrawal period extends to 14 days from the receipt date of the package. Beyond this point, product returns are no longer possible. However, all payments are processed via credit card or alternatively by check.

Delivery charges vary depending on the products and the total purchase amount. To foster customer loyalty, the company waives shipping fees for purchases exceeding 4.90 € at relay points and 5.90 € for home delivery. You can view the details at this link:

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Reaching out to CHASSEMARKET’s customer service

However, to engage directly with the company, CHASSEMARKET’s customer support is accessible via this link: Don’t hesitate to submit your inquiries or complaints using this form.

The company’s email is also available for claims: Meanwhile, their frequently asked questions section is ready for you, encompassing various commonly asked client inquiries.

However, you must initially complete the necessary basic information to initiate communication.

In addition, Chassemarket is present on the most popular social networks. Besides sending your comments and notes, you can also keep up with the latest product news on these platforms.



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