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Located in the heart of the historical center of ANVERS, SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAAL is a shopping center.
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SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAA provides an exceptional shopping experience in a luxurious and grand environment.

Within the premises, you will find around twenty shops and several restaurants. When you visit, you can park in a secure parking area.

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  • How to reach out to SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAAL?
  • What are the opening hours at SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAAL?
  • What can be found at SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAAL?

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  • Email
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If you wish to contact the customer support of SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAAL for information on upcoming events, scheduled hours, if you have lost an item, or about the services offered…

The customer support of SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAAL can be reached by email or by phone at:

03 202 31 00

To visit SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAAL or to send a letter, the address is:

Shopping Stadsfeestzaal

Meir 78

Hopland 31

2000 Anvers

What are the opening hours at SHOPPING STADSFEESTZAAL?

Are you planning to go to STADSFEESTZAAL and want to know the opening hours?

The shops in the shopping center are open:

  • Monday to Saturday: from 10am to 6:30pm

The Delhaize supermarket

  • Monday to Wednesday: from 8am to 8pm
  • Friday: from 8am to 9pm
  • Saturday: from 8am to 8pm

The restaurants

  • Monday to Saturday: from 9am to 8pm

STADSFEESTZAAL is also open on the first Sunday of each month from 10am to 6pm (except for any exceptions, check here).


  • Restaurants and cafés:
  • Antoine Van Dyck
    • Délifrance
      • Sushis porte-bonheur
      • Maman cupcakes
      • Munch-moi yogurt glacé
      • Mon thé
      • Zest Fresh Juicebars
  • Shops:
  • Action
      • Delhaize
      • Devernois
      • Eyemazy
      • Flying Tiger
      • Hans-Anders
      • Concept Store Jacob
      • Kruidvat
      • L’Occitane en Provence
      • Chocolat fou
      • Loterie nationale
      • Centre optique
      • Pal Zileri
      • Qurtinz
      • Snipes
      • Sostrene Grene
      • Twice as nice
      • Urban Outfitters
      • Watch Store
      • Weekday

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