Comment joindre un magasin Spar en Belgique ?

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  • How can I connect with a Spar store in Belgium to express dissatisfaction?
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For your convenience, we have compiled all the necessary information on this page to get in touch with a Spar store in Belgium.

Overview of Spar in Belgium

Communicate with Spar in Belgium

Spar is a chain of supermarkets with a presence in over 40 countries across the world. In Belgium, Spar is the second largest supermarket chain, with over 600 stores.

Founded in 1932 in the Netherlands by Adriaan van Well, Spar gets its name from the acronym Samenwerkende Prijsafnemers Rotterdam (Cooperative of Rotterdam Buyers).

In 1947, Spar was introduced in Belgium by the Colruyt group with the opening of the first store in Mouscron, in the province of Hainaut.

The Spar chain is distinguished by its diverse range of food and non-food products, all offered at competitive prices. It is dedicated to ensuring the freshness and quality of its products, as well as providing exceptional customer service.

Products and Services Offered by Spar in Belgium

Spar is known for its extensive selection of food and non-food products available at competitive prices.

The brand guarantees the freshness and quality of its products while delivering exceptional customer service.

As for food products, Spar offers a wide variety, including fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, dairy products, bread and pastries, frozen goods, grocery items, and beverages.

Moreover, Spar also offers a range of organic and locally sourced products, demonstrating its commitment to responsible choices.

In addition to food items, Spar extends its range to include non-food products such as hygiene, beauty, cleaning, appliances, DIY, and leisure products.

Aside from its product range, Spar also provides a range of beneficial services, including a loyalty card, a referral program, home delivery, click & collect, and a drive-thru service to best meet the needs of its customers.

All Communication Details to Connect with Spar in Belgium

There are multiple avenues to get in touch with Spar’s customer service in Belgium.

What is the website to reach the supermarket chain’s customer service?

Primarily, the simplest option is to fill out an online form on the company’s website You will provide the required information and express your message in the given fields.

How to get in touch with Spar’s customer service in Belgium via phone?

Alternatively, you can also dial +32 (0)2 583.11.11 to reach the company’s headquarters, where you will be directed to the appropriate department.

Can I communicate with Spar in Belgium via email?

If you wish to contact Spar via email, you can do so by sending a message to

e-letter, you can transmit your message to the following address: Ensure to include all the required information in your email to ensure an appropriate response from their end. This may include details about your inquiry or request, as well as your clear contact information to facilitate communication.

Is it possible to reach Spar in Belgium via postal mail?

To get in touch with the company’s headquarters through postal mail, please send your letter to the following address:

Retail Partners Colruyt Group NV/SA

Edingensesteenweg 196, 

B-1500 Halle

How can I stay informed about the company’s news on social media?

Spar in Belgium is active on social media. If you want to keep up with its latest updates, promotions, and innovations, feel free to subscribe to its accounts. Additionally, if you have any questions, you can leave a comment on its posts. You can also get in touch with the managers using private messaging on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

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