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Introduction to Trends-Tendances

Get in touch with Trends-Tendances

Roularta group publishes Trends-Tendances, a Belgian economic and financial magazine available in French and Dutch versions.

The French version of Trends-Tendances was introduced in 1975 and remains the reference for economic and financial magazines in French-speaking Belgium.

Trends-Tendances provides comprehensive coverage of economic and financial news at the national, international, European, and global levels, as well as articles on economic policy, management, investment, personal finance, etc.

Available in newsstands and through subscription, Trends-Tendances can also be accessed online on the magazine’s website. It is published every week on Fridays.

With an independent and objective editorial line, the magazine strives to provide quality information allowing readers to grasp current economic and financial issues.

Trends-Tendances, daily economic and financial news

Recognized for its expertise in these fields, Trends-Tendances is an essential resource for professionals in the fields of economics and finance, while remaining accessible to a broader audience interested in these topics.

Trends-Tendances occupies a central place in the Belgian media landscape, standing out as a key source of economic and financial information.

It is particularly followed by a professional audience including business leaders, financiers, managers, as well as a more general audience interested in these topics.

Despite the challenges posed by online media competition, Trends-Tendances has developed a digital strategy to remain competitive. The magazine is active on social media and has launched a modernized website to address this growing competition.

The future of Trends-Tendances remains uncertain, given the rise of online media and the potential decline in magazine sales. However, it continues to thrive due to its editorial quality, expertise, and accessibility.

All the details for reaching out to Trends-Tendances

All available details to contact Trends-Tendances

You can contact Trends-Tendances in various ways:

How to get in touch with Trends-Tendances by phone?

To reach the customer service by phone, you can dial 078 35 33 03. This will allow you to directly contact a representative of the Trends-Tendances customer service.

How to connect with Trends-Tendances through email or social media?

If you prefer to connect via email or social media, you can find the relevant contact details on the Trends-Tendances website or social media pages.

Contactez le journal Trends-Tendances via un site web

Vous avez également la liberté de remplir le formulaire web disponible sur le lien ci-dessous : En utilisant ce formulaire, vous pouvez adresser vos requêtes, interrogations ou inquiétudes au service client de Trends-Tendances.

Contacter Trends-Tendances par message électronique

Vous pouvez contacter la rédaction en envoyant un message électronique. Veuillez noter que l’adresse à prendre en considération dépend de la nature de votre demande. Voici l’adresse e-mail à prendre en compte :  

Contacter Trends-Tendances par voie postale

Pour certaines demandes, vous pouvez adresser un courrier à Trends-Tendances à cette adresse postale :

Brussels Media Centre 50, 

Rue de la Fusée, bte 9, 

1130 Brüssel

Suivre les actualités de le journal sur les réseaux sociaux

Le journal Trends-Tendances est actif sur les réseaux sociaux. Vous pouvez vous abonner à ses pages, laisser un commentaire sur ses publications ou encore envoyer un message privé via :

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

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