Comment contacter la Gare de Gand-Saint-Pierre ?

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  • How to reach out to the Gand-Saint-Pierre Station to verify train schedules?
  • Do you want to purchase train tickets?
  • Are you seeking information about the station’s services?

There are various reasons for wanting to get in touch with Gand-Saint-Pierre Station.

Overview of Gand-Saint-Pierre Station

Contacting Gand-Saint-Pierre Station

Gand-Saint-Pierre Station is one of the major railway stations in Belgium located in the city of Ghent, in the Flemish region. It was inaugurated in 1912 and has undergone renovations and expansions over the years. Its architecture is neo-Gothic in style, with an imposing facade and a large central hall.

The station is situated approximately 3 kilometers south of the historical center of Ghent. It is well served by public transportation, including buses and trams, making it a crucial access point for travel within the city and to other national and international destinations.

Services offered by Gand-Saint-Pierre Station

Gand-Saint-Pierre Station is a significant railway hub that provides connections to many Belgian cities, including Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Liège, and others. It also offers international connections to cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, London, Cologne, and other European destinations.

The station offers numerous amenities for travelers, including ticket counters, vending machines, shops, restaurants, newsstands, public restrooms, and free Wi-Fi access.

The station is accessible to individuals with reduced mobility through elevators, ramps, and other facilities facilitating access.

Furthermore, Gand-Saint-Pierre Station is also a tourist attraction in its own right. Travelers often appreciate its remarkable architecture, especially its large iron and glass canopy and impressive main hall.

As in any station, it is important to remain vigilant with your personal belongings and to follow the security guidelines.

Contacting the Customer Service of Gand-Saint-Pierre Station: How to Proceed?

All available contacts to reach Gand-Saint-Pierre Station

There are several methods to get in touch with the authorities of Gand-Saint-Pierre Station.

How to contact the station’s customer service?

Before reaching out to the authorities of Gand-Saint-Pierre Station, we recommend visiting their website. There, you will find a wide range of online information that may address your specific question or request. This will provide you with useful preliminary information before contacting them.

How to reach the station by phone?

For a prompt response, we recommend using a phone call as the most effective means of contact. You can dial the following number: 02/528 28 28. This number is available during business hours and will allow you to directly reach the authorities of Gand-Saint-Pierre Station.

How to communicate with the station’s authorities by mail?

To reach the customer service of Gand-Saint-Pierre Station, you have the option to do so by mail, by sending your letter to the following address:


9000 GENT

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