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  • How to get in touch with H&M Home to place an order?
  • Do you want to file a complaint with H&M Home?
  • Are you looking to contact H&M Home’s customer service for a refund request?

This article provides the different contact details for reaching out to H&M Home.

Introduction to H&M Home

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H&M Home is a home decor store chain owned by the Swedish company Hennes & Mauritz. It offers a wide range of products, from bedding and bathroom items to furniture and decor.

Indeed, H&M Home was established in Sweden in 2009. The company rapidly expanded internationally and now has over 500 stores in 60 countries.

H&M Home showcases a diverse selection of products, spanning from bedding and bathroom to furniture and decor. The company offers products for all budgets and styles.

Products and Services offered by H&M Home

Customers have a variety of options to explore and purchase fashion items. They can opt to visit physical stores to discover and buy clothing, accessories, and fashion products.

Additionally, H&M provides an online platform enabling customers to browse and purchase fashion items from their homes, offering a convenient and accessible shopping experience.

The Click & Collect service allows customers to place orders online and pick up items from the H&M store of their choice, combining the flexibility of online shopping with the convenience of in-store pickup.

For potential returns or exchanges, customers have the option to follow H&M’s return policy, allowing them to adjust their purchases according to their needs and preferences.

Furthermore, H&M offers a loyalty program that rewards customers with points for every purchase, enabling them to benefit from discounts and exclusive special offers.

H&M gift cards provide a convenient option for future purchases, offering flexibility in the use of funds.

H&M’s customer service is accessible to address queries, resolve issues, and provide additional information, ensuring a satisfying customer experience.

The H&M mobile app allows customers to browse collections, make purchases, and receive exclusive offers, adding a convenient dimension to the shopping experience.

Different Ways to Contact H&M Home 

Available contact information for reaching out to H&M Home

There are several methods to get in touch with H&M Home’s customer service. 

How to get in touch with H&M Home’s customer service through their website

Network ?

If you require further details or desire to submit requests, you can utilize the contact form available on the website This will enable you to communicate with H&M Home

online and receive the necessary support.

What is the phone number to reach the store’s customer service?

If you wish to lodge complaints with the customer service, you can contact H&M Home by phone at the following number: +32 800 26 880. This will allow you to directly connect with a company representative and effectively address your inquiries or concerns. Feel free to choose this option to obtain personalized assistance.

Is it possible to get in touch with H&M Home via email?

The customer service is also accessible through electronic channels. You can contact them via email using the following address: If you prefer an online approach, you have the option to visit the company’s official website at the provided address, and then navigate to the « Contact » section to access the contact form.

How to establish a connection with the brand through social media?

By subscribing to H&M Home’s accounts on social networks, you will always be informed of their latest news and offers. 

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